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About Modern Quilt

Hello and welcome to The Modern Quilt Group of The Quilters’ Guild.  We are a thriving group of like minded quilters who love all things Modern.  If you are unsure what a modern quilt is then Google it but be prepared to be there for quite a long while!

The Modern Quilt Group meets online and offline. We seek to share our love of modern quilting with “all quilters( and non quilters) everywhere” and we embrace social media such as Instagram and Facebook as a way to do that. 

Instagram: Anyone with an interest in modern quilting can follow us and join in here.  
Facebook:  To take part in all the fun and stay up to date it is important you have an email address.  

Our monthly newsletter is available to anyone with an interest in modern quilting and is an e-newsletter which means it is easily accessible for all!  We also run annual challenges for members with a theme and then exhibit the results. This year’s theme is “Fooling the Eye”. We hope to run a mini quilt swap to encourage members of the group to get to know another member maybe somewhere else in the UK.  For local quilting groups we have tutor boxes available on loan for postage costs only. This is an affordable way for groups of modern quilters who meet to learn a new technique with a real life sample of what they will make. Find out more on our website.  I plan to develop the tutor boxes further by introducing new boxes designed by some of the best talented members we have within our modern quilt group. 

So it is an exciting time to be a member of the modern quilt group at The Quilters’ Guild with much more to come!

How to join:

Membership is open to all Quilters’ Guild members. Just add the subscription to your Guild membership either by:

  • telephoning 01904 613242
  • or, by sending a cheque for £10 to the Membership Officer at St Anthony’s Hall, York, YO1 7PW
  • or, by going here and joining online.

Some quotes about Modern Quilts:

"You can Wash a Modern Quilt."  Jackie.

"Not everyone wants to use paints and wet media, gelli plates etc. that is the contemporary group. Many just want to sew in a clean environment but do something fresh and exciting.  Janet.

"It's about doing things that you can cuddle into and share".  Thomas Knauer

"A modern quilt is one which has WOW factor, whether it follows rules or not."  Pam

Co - ordinator, Modern Quilt Group