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Tutor Boxes

There are several tutor boxes already available to hire, and more being developed. Have a look though the gallery below of tutor box samples to see what's already available but remember to check back now and then to see what's new.

If hiring, to avoid disappointment, please allow plenty of time between ordering and needing the Tutor Box for your event. Some of the more popular Tutor Boxes are out on loan regularly and are unlikely to be available at short notice. Tutor Boxes are on loan for periods of 3-5 weeks depending on when the Co-ordinator needs (or is available) to send them, when they need to arrive (some group leaders like to practice and familiarise themselves first before teaching) and the meeting they are needed for.  

Alternatively, you can view the samples and download the PDF instructions (no cost involved) via the links below under the title "Instructions & Ideas".

What is a Tutor Box?

With too much "showing off" in the quilt world, and not quite enough "showing how", Helen Howes and Heather Hasthorpe developed the idea of theTutor Box -  little packets of information, to be sent out to groups of all sizes (1 person +), whether a formal quilt group or just a couple of friends who meet and sew together. Groups do not need to be affiliated to the Guild although it would be great if they are.

What's in each Tutor Box?

The boxes (actually bags, but that doesn't have the same ring) will come to you in the post, with a real sample to handle, instruction sheets (and a link to download more copies if you want to print extras) and further Ideas to carry you forward.

What does a Tutor Box cost?

We want the whole idea to be affordable, so you will just have to pay postage both ways. You will be asked to refund by bank transfer the cost of the outward postage to you; details will be provided when the tutor box(es) are sent to you.

It's important that you play, and that you pass on the skills, but please, please, please KEEP THE PAPERWORK; just return the sample in the bag provided.

How do I order a Tutor Box?

Please email Maria with the following information:

Your name and full postal address.

Which tutor box(es) you would like to hire.

The date by which you would like to receive the tutor box(es).

Although not a condition of hire, it would be useful to know if the hirer is a Guild member or the group affiliated to the Guild.

What next?

We need to encourage a new generation to sew, not least because organisations like the Guild get steadily older, and we want someone else to put the chairs out at meetings in 10 years' time!!

Please explore the possibilities of each Tutor Box and then teach the ideas onwards. 

Instructions and ideas

If you want to see some more photos, get ideas, read or download the tutorials, select one of the links below. Please be aware that, at this point, you will be taken out of the Guild's website to a wholly independent website set up, managed and maintained by Helen Howes.  

Tutor Box 1

Tutor Box 2

Tutor Box 3

Tutor Box 4

Tutor Box 5

Tutor Box 6

Tutor Box 7

Tutor Box 8

Tutor Box 9 aka "Eccentric/Modern Crosses"

Tutor Box 10

Tutor Box 11 "Double Crosses" - discontinued April '19.

Tutor Box 12

Tutor Box 13

Tutor Box 14

Tutor Box 15

Tutor Box 16

Tutor Box 17

Tutor Box 18

Tutor Box 19 - awaiting instructions

Tutor Box 20 - awaiting instructions

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