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Crossing the Border - Regions 8 and 9 at Mundford

Quilt "Modern Wheels" Heather Hasthorpe 2015

Helen Vivian made me extremely welcome and gave me a time to speak about Modern Group. There was a good attendance of over 50. 

I spoke succinctly, talked briefly about the demographic and getting younger web savvy people involved. Then: modern quilters like innovation, and showed Garden in the Rain, they like free cutting, showed crosses bag, they like experimenting with traditional blocks, showed log cabin, (most people fascinated by the binding), and they like lots of negative space, showed wheels quilt. 

Then said all these are made to be machine washed, binding done on machine. Then said I was also a member of Contemporary and showed my Hidden quilt. This one made with screen printed medium and paper, not washable "art" quilt. 

Lots of people including Helen Vivian came up and said it was a great explanation. 

Loads of interest on the table which ended up with quilts in a heap. Lots of cards taken  Two people left their names for you to email as they want to join!

I made 13 tiny hexies in the afternoon, under the table as, at the back of the hall with loud tinnitus, I couldn't hear the speaker...

All in all a very nice day, and excellent cake!

Heather Hasthorpe

(Thanks to Heather for representing the Group so nicely

Helen Howes)