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Look What you Made Me Do!

Sara's Look What You Made Me Do Tiger Quilt

I went to Cottenham, to Textiles In Focus. This is an Embroidery-based show which has been running for some years, this time the Region 9 group took a table to talk about patchwork and quilting..

I took my little handcrank black Singer sewing machine, and sat making Tiger blocks and chattering to people. I find the little machine attracts lots of attention, mostly of the "oh, my mum had one of those" variety, but it's a talking-point and breaks the ice.  During the day I spoke to a nice lass who is keen on old machines and whom I had met telephonically once or twice.  I showed her the method, and sent her to my website with its free tutorial Here 

A few days later I got the image you can see here..

I think this is what I might call A Result..

Why not have a go yourself? Send an image and I'll put it online...

Helen Howes